Hello and thank you for visiting Face Your Space. My name is Allison Moon and I am the creator and lead Professional Organizer of Face Your Space.

I am an empathetic professional motivated by the desire to assist you in transforming your cluttered house into an organized, beautiful and functional home. As a result you will enjoy greater peace of mind, improved productivity, and more time to pursue the life you long to live.

With 20 years of mental health Occupational Therapy experience, I am well equipped to assist you in facing any physical or emotional barriers to managing your clutter and disorder.

"I am a cancer survivor and understand how the curve balls thrown at us can limit our ability to manage even the basic tasks of daily life."


FACE YOUR SPACE always begins with a FREE Consultation. Together, we will craft a perfect plan for creating the organized home of your dreams!



This is the first step to creating a beautifully organized home or home-office. We support you as you make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of.

This part can be difficult but we promise to lighten your load! Once you know that everything in your home actually belongs there, you will have greater clarity and will feel more at ease. At Face Your Space, we want to help you LIVE YOUR LIFE UNCLUTTERED!


Once you have cleared out the unnecessary clutter, we will assist you in creating the ideal storage solution for everything from off-season clothing to pictures of your first boyfriend!

We will ensure that these solutions are effective, esthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. Instead of feeling scattered, distracted and overwhelmed, you will experience the fabulous feeling of knowing exactly where every item in your house is located!

Downsizing & Moving

These life transitions can be extremely stressful and time consuming for you and your loved ones. We will help you remove the clutter from your home so that you are only packing what you love and what you need! We will assist with space planning so that you have a clear idea of what your new living environment can accommodate.

In order to prepare your home for a speedy sale, we will help you create a beautifully organized home that potential buyers can imagine their own items in. You won’t have to dread the thought of your closet doors being opened during the open house.

Household Systems

If you are overwhelmed by piles of paper work, kids art work you just can’t bear to part with, or wasting precious time on non-priority tasks, we can help!

Along with a thorough assessment of the barriers, Allison will assist you in designing the most effective systems for you and your family. Once these systems are in place, you will be amazed at the peaceful and efficient ‘flow’ of your home.


You are in the driver's seat, Allison is the passenger with the map!

Making sure the 'fit' is right!
~assessment of your 'hot spot' clutter zones
~a discussion of your concerns, frustrations, and barriers
~an estimate of the amount of time required to complete your project
Complete your 'Clutter Mindset' Assessment
The Petite
One Session
4 hours
The Grande
4 sessions
16 Hours
10% savings
The Deluxe
Eight Sessions
32 Hours
The Seasonal
Preparing your home for each season.
4 sessions/year
12 hours total
Contact Allison to schedule a personalized maintenance package to keep you at the top of your organizing game!

  • All packages include HST
  • All packages include complimentary travel up to 50km round trip from Hamilton
  • Payments due at the end of each Organizing Session
  • Parking and incidental fees billed at cost
  • Prices and offers are subject to change without notice
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must provide at least 24 hours notice or a cancellation fee may be applied.
  • At Face Your Space, we love referrals! For any referral you make that results in a booking you will receive a $50 gift card for IKEA.

    Don’t live another day in the chaos. Contact us below for your FREE IN HOME CONSULTATION.


    “My life is full: 5 kids + a business” - Raelene, H., Montreal

    I am a busy business owner and the mother of FIVE kids. Much of my work is done from my home and I can truly say, without Allison’s amazing input into organizing my home as well as my office, I never would be able to give my full attention to my clients…or my kids for that matter 🙂 For those of you who feel an optimized, organized home is not important, try this. Go to the messiest area of your home. How does it feel? Want to work there? Now go to the tidiest? Feel different? THAT is what Allison at Face Your Space does.


    Answers to some popular questions.


    What is a Professional Organizer?
    A Professional Organizer is a consultant who provides structure, solutions and systems to increase productivity and reduce stress. Professional Organizers help others restore order to their lives; introducing systems and tools while helping clients form new habits that enable them to live and work in a peaceful, non-chaotic environment. (provided by Professional Organizers in Canada CTP manual) “Professional Organizers help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life. A Professional Organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizational skills.” National Association of Professional Organizers.
    Is our work together confidential?
    Absolutely! Allison Moon is a member of POC and, as such, adheres to codes of conduct and ethics. Your confidentiality will be protected throughout the process. Allison may wish to take before and after pictures of your space for her Portfolio. However, she will not do so without your express written permission.
    Should I clean up before you come?
    I can understand the temptation, but please don’t! For me to complete an accurate assessment of your needs it is most helpful for me to see the problem areas for which you have requested help. Only then can I formulate a plan that will be effective and sustainable for you.
    Will I be pressured into tossing my treasured belongings?
    Absolutely not! The job of the Professional Organizer is to guide you as you make decisions about what to keep, toss or donate. Ultimately, these decisions are entirely up to you. If anything, my goal will be to help you find ways to utilize or display your valued possessions that have been buried in boxes at the back of your closet! Will I be expected to purchase a lot of organizing products such as shelving, boxes, baskets?: Again, these decisions are yours. You may already have numerous storage items in your home that we can use. Also, we may be able to re-purpose furniture or products that aren’t currently being used in an optimal way.
    Who does the shopping for new storage products/systems?
    That is up to you. I am happy to make recommendations and you can do the shopping on your own. The advantage is that you can choose items that best reflect your style and colour preferences. However, I will also have a portfolio of commonly available products (ranging from budget conscious to higher end) that you can review. I am available to do your personal shopping at my regular hourly rate. There will be no mark up on the products.
    How long will it take?
    That is dependent on several factors including the scope of the job, the number of rooms, how quickly you make decisions during the de-cluttering stage, and your involvement in the hands on work. After the assessment I will be able to provide you with an estimate of the amount of time required to complete the job.
    Do I need to participate in the organizing process?
    That is up to you. It is especially important that you be present for the de-cluttering process as there will be decisions that only you can make. However, if time does not permit or you prefer not to be involved, Face Your Space can complete the organizing sessions with only occasional input from you. If you are able to be involved in the organizing sessions, the outcome will likely be more tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. I am committed to finding solutions that work for YOU.
    I have some great ideas that I would like incorporated?
    Definitely. This is a very personalized process and there is no 'one size fits all'. If you are at the point of reaching out for professional assistance, you have likely tried many methods. While some of them may have been unsuccessful, you undoubtedly have some excellent ideas tucked away. No one knows your home, your family and your routines better than you.
    Will this really be worth the investment of my hard-earned money?
    Yes! When you hire a Professional Organizer, you are making an investment in your future. When you finally get your house or home office beautifully organized, you won’t believe all of the benefits you enjoy! Personal satisfaction and relief, savings of time, greater peace of mind, improved productivity and room to breathe, dream and create! Making room for life and all of the things you love most.
    Do you charge for travel?
    Travel costs for time and mileage are complimentary within a 50km distance round trip. Over and above this, there will be a charge for mileage.
    What if I can’t stay organized?
    This is a common concern. The reality is, life happens…there are many distractions to maintaining order in our home. However, in our work together, we will be customizing an organizational plan just for you in order to increase its’ effectiveness. Also, I will provide education along the way about how to maintain your newly found systems and organization. Once everything in your home has a proper place, you will find it so much easier to get it back to order! You are also welcome to schedule follow up maintenance sessions on a regular or semi-regular basis. Professional Organization is an investment of your precious time and your hard earned money…I take this seriously and I believe the results will be worth your expense…In fact I hope to exceed your expectations.

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