Are you about to get married, have a child, or blend two households?

Are you preparing for a move or trying to get organized in your new home?

Have you recently suffered a loss related to family separation or death of a loved one?

  • Whatever the transition might look like for you, this time can bring with it a sense of loss of control and sometimes, vulnerability.
  • Did you know that the average person moves about 10 times in their lifetime! That’s a lot of adjustment.
  • In some cases, your challenge may stem from a matter of not having the time or energy to dedicate to organizing and you need an extra set of hands and some creative mojo.
  • We will support and guide you in all areas of household organization as you face your transition with confidence, ease, and success. When working with Face Your Space, you can rely on an outside source of skills and knowledge that is dedicated to creating a harmonious space. Face Your Space will help you put your best foot forward into your new reality.

    True Story

    Mallory and Jim had been dating for two and they decided to move in together. They decided to share Mallory's apartment. Even though Mallory thought she was prepared, when Jim brought his things into the house tensions rose. According to Mallory, Jim seemed to have no respect for where things 'belonged' and she was frequently searching for items. On top of that, they had far too many belongings, but neither one of them was able to decide what should stay or go, both wanting to keep their own things.

    Mallory called on Allison Moon from Face Your Space and she was able to work with them together to complete a realistic assessment of what they needed in their home. They developed systems within the house that both parties could agree on so that they could maintain order and peace.

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